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Dear Fellow Fitness Professional,

If you're like me, you've probably had a number of times throughout your career when you've seriously asked yourself "why did I ever choose this career?"  And "How am I ever going to get enough clients to reach my financial goals?"  Usually these types of questions are brought on by the frustration of looking at your schedule and seeing a bunch of empty space or the dissapointment of losing a good consistent client or failing to close a new one. 

I've been there.

I got started in this business with very noble intent.  I overcame cancer and obesity as a teenager by exercising and eating healthy and after seeing this transformation of my own body, I knew I wanted to help other people in a similar way.  I started as a Personal Trainer in 2005 and back then it was so easy to get clients.  Leads were coming in like crazy and I quickly learned how to sell packages.  Within 8 months I had already crossed the threshold of selling over $10,000 in training packages in one month and in my first year I was on track to make over $50,000.  It seemed like life was just going to keep getting better and better. 

Then came 2008.  Need I say more?

If you were in the business back then, you probably remember how different things were after The Great Recession.  Good clients stopped training, new leads were few and far between and it seemed like everyone was being ultra-stingy with their money.  MANY professionals left the fitness industry at that point. 

I went through my own struggles at that time too.  I had opened a studio a few months earlier and I was already $50,000 in debt.  Once the clients stopped coming and the leads dried up, my business failed.  I had to shut down, let my house go onto foreclosure and take my wife and 1 year old son and move in with my parents for almost a year.  It was a terrible time.

I was determined to never be in that situation again and as fate would have it, I discovered that there were time tested, proven principles and strategies used by large and small companies for years that I could implement into a fitness business also.  It is called Direct Response Marketing. 

Direct Response Marketing (DRM) is nothing new.  In fact, it has been the primary method that 6,7,8, and 9 figure businesses all over the world have used to grow revenue since the late 1800's.  It is essentially  the use of a specific type of advertising that gives people a clear and concise message that is tailored to the reader and a clear offer to come in and try or buy a product that the reader would like and benefit from.  It drives a significant amount of magazine, newspaper, television, radio and direct mail advertising and it can easily be a part of your fitness business virtually for free. 

When I started to apply Direct Response Marketing to my fitness business, it was an absolute game changer.

I started seeing clients and leads flooding into my business that were prequalified and had the right expectations.  It made selling my services so much easier, faster and more enjoyable.  Gone were the days of wasting my time with people who weren't really interested and just wanted to come and ask questions and get free advice.  Now I was in control of who I got as a client, when I got them and how good of a client they would be.  It was and still is- absolutely euphoric. 

This allowed me to get completely out of debt and grow my solo practice to well over 6 figures and earn a spot in the top 3% of US income earners.  What a change!

The most successful method I ever used was with seminars.  Seminars gave me the ability to get large quantities of people in front of me who were good candidates for what I had to offer and to build a rapport with them so that selling them on my services became much easier. 

Once I even got 26 new clients in one night from a seminar!  Imagine that happening to you!

For the past 8 years I have studied the best of the best and have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning, applying, testing and tweeking my marketing systems and I have developed a very clear, concise and organized process that any Fitness Professional can follow to do his/her own successful seminar. 

Here are the 9 steps to creating, promoting and performing a seminar that gains you credibility and gets you new clients on demand:

1. Find a problem that your target market has.
2. Decide what information they need to know about it or what information they need to “unlearn.”
3. Layout the key ideas and concepts that you want to teach.
4. Incorporate stories that can illustrate your points and boost credibility.
5. Develop a title for your seminar.
6. Develop an ad for your seminar.
7. Promote your seminar.
8. Perform your seminar.
9. Make your offer and follow up with your leads.

In my course I take you by the hand and walk you through each and every step in this system.  I teach you how to do it and give you worksheets and exercises that guide you into the exact way to do it yourself. 

By the end of the course you will have almost all the work completely done.  It is that easy!
Imagine the feeling of knowing where your next sale is coming from and being sure of how much money you will make this month.  Imagine the sense of peace you will have when you get to stop worrying about getting more clients and you can instead focus on what you really love- helping people get healthier. 

Well, you CAN do this by following the system I teach in my course.  But....You should consider taking it ONLY if you are an action person.  If you are lazy, unmotivated and unwilling to put in work to make your business ultra successful then this course IS NOT FOR YOU.

However if you are the type of person who is willing to roll up your sleeves and do some work so that you have a more profitable, more predictable and more enjoyable business then this course IS FOR YOU.

This course will allow you to:

  • Have a repeatable system that you can use to get people interested in buying your services
  • Become a recognized expert and get more respect
  • Seperate yourself from all other fitness professionals and be seen as to "go-to" person
  • Become confident that when your business slows down, you have the tools to build it back up quickly
  • Get CEU's just for taking it

"12 people came and everyone arranged a consultation..."

“12 people showed up and the power point went smoothly!  I followed Chris' basic model including video testimonials.  Everyone there filled out form to arrange for a consultation plus several said their spouse needs to come in. I had one guy come in and buy 6 sessions 2 weeks ago when he saw the flyer for it (he couldn't make the seminar).”

Steve Dam, Owner- Activation Fitness, Glenview IL

"8 new clients from our first seminar..."

“We did our first seminar and 8 people show up and we closed  all of them”

Todd Collura and PJ Stawicki, Owners- Muscle Activation of  South Florida, Boca Raton, FL

Here is an outline of what is covered in this course:

Module 1- How
Seminar Marketing  Systems Will Transform Your Training Business

-How to go from struggling to get enough clients to maintaining a consistent waiting list

-How seminars can eliminate doing free sessions with people who won't buy

-How seminars can virtually guarantee that you will be meeting only with people who won't reject your offer 

-How seminars can make you more credible and perceived as an expert

-How you can get more clients without spending a dime on advertising

Module 2- How to Create,  Promote and Perform Great Seminars

-How to choose the right topic  

-How to put the content together 
-How to create an advertisement for your seminar  

-How to create the best title for your seminar

-How to build so much curiosity and interest that people feel they must come

-How to write a great bio that positions you as an expert  

-The simple 3 step system for getting your seminar promoted and filled with attendees

-How to build and present  an offer at the end that will get people to ask to come in and see you

The entire workshop is highly interactive and very practical.  About 80% of the actual work to get your seminar built will be done within the class time so that you are thoroughly prepared and ultra confident that you can this right away.

"20 Seminar Atendees in Just 4 Days..."

“Chris, it’s amazing how quickly I filled my seminar, in just 4  days I have reached my twenty person capacity.  Thanks for all your advice, it really worked”

Brad Thorpe- Owner- Striation 6 , Toronto, Ontario

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Here Are What A Few More of My Course Attendees Have Said..

"This course was very valuable for those that have technical knowledge but don't know how to promote themselves"

Anonymous survey

"I really enjoyed the course and I got alot from it."

Van Cornelius, Vans Total Fitness.  Ocala, Fl

"Chris is known for being excellent at marketing so I knew when he offered the class I had to take it.  This class has really motivated me to develop a seminar on Monday when I get back to work!  Chris gives you all the tools on building a seminar and building yourself as a professional in the health and fitness industry!"

Anonymous survey

"This course is an excellent tool to have as a fitness professional.  Chris has portrayed the information in a very simple, easy to implement manner and I am excited to get back to my studio and plan my next seminar!  Thanks Chris!"

Anonymous survey

"In the fitness industry there is no focus on marketing for new clients.  This course is a concise way to strategically implement a plan to get new clients.  i can't wait to follow Chris' steps to becoming more successful."

Anonymous survey

"This course is a great first step to overcome some of the apprehension and hesitation most people have about doing seminars.  The course has a plethora of practical information."

Anonymous survey

"Chris is an excellent and organized communicator.  The information was presented in digestable portions.  This will help with business development."

Anonymous survey

"I defintely think the information Chris has compiled for fitness professionals exceeds expectations.  He is offering a fantastic course full of applicable tools to help increase client count and establish credibility wihile engaging and expanding your influence"

Tom Barber, Muscle Activation Palm Beach.  West Palm Beach, Fl

"Chris is in the top 1% of fitness professionals.  Chris has devoted himself to his craft unlike any professional I know in the industry and is living embodyment of the American Dream.  A true rags to riches story.  Whether it's his sincerity and loyalty to his clientele or his discipline as an entreprenuer, Chris Vercelli is a master of his field.  I recommend his services to anyone in need of fitness training, Muscle Activation Techniques (which Chris has performed on me with great success) or his seminar workshop training.  he is the best!"

Trevor Aabel, Aabel Body Health and Fitness.  Sarasota, Fl